Events Rules

Best Manager:

  1. A preliminary round will be conducted to filter the participants. Only 40 Selected participants will be participating in the next round.
  2. The second round will be divided into 4 levels each with unique challanges and requirements.
  3. One winner and one Runner will be awarded based on their performance and the winner will get the title of 'IC's Best manager of the year'.

Idea Showcase

  1. Participants can participate in teams or as solo.
  2. Send your abstracts to on or before 10 Feb 2020, 3 p.m. Make sure your abstract is less than or equal to 20 pages(slides) and the names and rollno of your teammates included in your abstract
  3. Your ideas will be evaluated and 15 teams will be selected for participation.
  4. Just like you sent the abstract, Make sure you register for the event as well via this link [link here]. Abstracts submitted without registration will not be considered for evaluation
  5. You will receive a mail invite which you must show to participate in the event.
  6. Three winners will be selected and will be awarded

Turn Coat

  1. The objective of participants in this event should be to talk both for and against a given topic
  2. The participants will be called one by one and will be allowed to select their topic form a lot
  3. Time given for each participant is 5 mins [1 min for Organizing their thoughts and 4 mins for Speech]

Gadget Review

  1. Participants are allowed to select a lot from any category they like
  2. Participants have 90 seconds to Search the web for ideas and gathering their ideas
  3. They'll have to review the gadget after the preparatio time for 3 minutes and 30 seconds.
  4. A viva session will be held for each participant in which questions will be asked regarding the device they've reviewed.


  1. Only 20 Students can participate in this event. [First Come, First Served]
  2. Topic will be given on the Spot
  3. A lot will be drawn which decides whether the participant will be speakng for/against the topic
  4. The three participants with most engagement and valid points shall be considered winners.

Engineering Quiz

  1. Participants have to participate in teams of two members per team.
  2. Prelims will be conducted which demand the participants to answer basic engineering questions.
  3. 30 Participants will be Shortlisted for Finals.
  4. The Finals will conducted in three Rounds.
  5. Three winners will be selected and awarded.

Research and Speak

  1. Prelims will be conducted in which participants have to speak out their thoughts on a topic which they can select by themselves.
  2. Selected participants can present their researched Speech
  3. The theme for Research will be announced soon at our Official Instagram page. Participants can select their topic based on the theme.
  4. Time limit: 5 - 7 mins
  5. Three winners will be selected and awarded.


  1. This is an online event.
  2. Participants will have to make videos which are informational, motivational, or made to show their talent or skills(The skill can be of any niche).
  3. Videos shall be taken in either Portrait or Landscape, but only on Mobile Phone camera. No DSLRs allowed to shoot videos.
  4. No Cinema Dialogues or Songs. Participants are allowed to use music.
  5. Content that offends any group of people will not be considered.
  6. Participants will have to send their videos to +91 9994643775.